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Update on Egypt’s Political Situation

As a result of the political turmoil in Egypt, the present unrest as well as the threats from different political factions, the Egyptian Navy and the Armed Forces have heightened the state of emergency in Sinai, all cities along the Canal in general with special emphasis on the Suez Canal, which constitutes one of the main sources of income to Egypt.

Accordingly, the Egyptian Navy have lately implemented a random inspection system to be carried out on vessels transiting the canal as well as vessels berthing inside the ports along the Suez Canal. It is worthwhile mentioning in this respect that up to now, we have not received complaints from vessels transiting regarding delays caused by the Navy due to the implemented random inspection system. Moreover, our Port Said and Suez offices have investigated this issue with our major clients in the area which consist of the major liners transiting the Canal including Maersk Egypt, Yang-Ming, CMA-CGM Egypt and they confirmed that none of their vessels have been delayed at Port Said for such reason.

It would therefore be strongly recommended that Masters of vessels transiting the Canal or calling to Suez Canal Ports are given instructions by Members to fully cooperate with the Navy and/or Military intelligence officers who might be boarding their vessels during their call/transit in the area. It will be also important for members’ vessels to fully comply with the previous decrees issued in respect of the carriage of arms and armed guards onboard vessels transiting the canal or calling Egyptian Ports.

In case any assistance is needed, language barrier noted with any of the officers boarding the vessels, your members are welcome to call us on our hotline number +2 0122 327 3620 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.