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Sarah Diaa


Sarah joined Eldib Pandi after receiving her bachelor’s degree from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2009. Throughout her career at Eldib Pandi, she has actively assisted handling an assortment of cases including pollution, cargo damages and shortage, allision and collision claims, thus acquiring experience and knowledge necessary for our field of work. Together with our legal team, Sarah has gained knowledge and experience in dealing with governmental authorities when it comes to finalizing a claim related to pollution with the various Port Authorities as well as the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency [EEAA]. Furthermore, Sarah has taken part in numerous negotiations with cargo receivers when it comes to cargo damages and/or shortage claims.

Sarah is a part of the younger generation being establishing at Eldib Pandi. Her motivation, impeccable teamwork and ethics have made her a strong feature in our team of correspondents.

In addition to the admiralty claims, Sarah has dealt with numerous non-marine claims as well as cases related to property damages of one of the major terminals in Egypt.

Over the years and because of her hands-on approach with each claim she handles, Sarah has gained experience with respect to the surveying field. Therefore, Sarah is responsible for liaising with Eldib Survey under the leadership of Ahmed Metwally.

Moreover, Sarah has undertaken to study for the P&IQ where she has successfully passed module 1. Sarah is due to continue her studies to complete the following P&IQ modules, thus mixing experience with specialized knowledge in the P&I field.


– English, and Arabic

Contact Details:

Mobile: +20 127 866 0272