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Sarah Diaa


Sarah joined Eldib Pandi after receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from Alexandria University, Egypt in 2009. Throughout her years at Eldib Pandi, she has assisted the Eldib Pandi team on multiple cases, and has acquired both the experience and knowledge necessary for our field of work.

Sarah is a part of the younger generation we are establishing at Eldib Pandi. Her motivation, impeccable teamwork and ethic have made her a strong feature in our correspondence team.

One of the recent cases Sarah handled is a major case in Suez Canal Container Terminals where M/V COSCO HOPE collided with ZPMC QUAYCRANE (SUPER POST PANAMAX) No.17 during her un-berthing maneuvering which resulted in it collapsing on a nearby RTG and the container yard in the vicinity. Unfortunately, some of the containers were loaded with oil that resulted in a large fire as a result of the impact. The force of the fire and its flames grew, due to the leaking oil, which took firefighters two days to put out. Almost half of the terminal was closed off as a result of the allision and about 127 containers were damaged in addition to the damages to quay itself. The quay crane was a total loss and had to be chopped off into small pieces to be able to remove it.

She is a very versatile and adaptable character which allows her to tackle new aspects in various fields such as obtaining her ISO 9001:2008 lead auditor certificate and is in the process of obtaining the newly improved ISO 9001:2015. Sarah has become a vital player in our team and with her new qualifications she is able to assure that our work is of the best quality according to the international standards.

Languages: English and Arabic