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Mohamed Mansour

Mohamed Mansour joined the Eldib Survey Team in June 2008.

Mansour begad his surveying career in 1994. He worked  as a qualified surveyor with one of the leading marine surveyors in the country before becoming a pivotal member of the Eldib Pandi and Eldib Survey team.

Mansour is our survey teams’ top man at Damietta. He specializes in cargo surveys, assessment of cargo conditions, quality and types, draught surveys, means of securing the cargo, lashing and conducting different test and hatch cover inspections. Mansour is experienced in dealing with cargo receivers trying to mitigate as much as possible of any ascertained damages, even with some of toughest importers, wood and lumbar importers.

Mansour is very meticulous and pays attention to minute details. Throughout his years of experienced, he got so accustomed to a variety of inspections that his eyes do not miss much of the fine details that need to be taken care of or addressed when completing the requested surveys. Moreover, Mansour is our “crew’s best friend” team player, having fostered great friendships and business relationships with a number of crew members and masters who frequent Egyptian ports.


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