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Ibrahim Taky

In the Spring of 2004, Eng. Ibrahim Taky became a member of Eldib Pandi team as a qualified surveyor.

Eng. Taky graduated in 2002 from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University and worked at a prominent maritime surveying company based in Egypt as a surveyor.

Eng. Taky has handled a wide range of surveys throughout his career and specially since starting to work with Eldib Pandi. Eng. Taky’s reporting has proven to be very meticulous, his knowledge quite valuable and his hard working and proactive work ethic cannot go unmentioned.

Taky handles a wide range of surveys including draught surveys, collision, FFO surveys, container inspections, condition surveys, as well as technical surveys such as those relating to  hull & machinery inspections and so forth.

With his engineering background Taky has also carried out several non-marine inspections, from inspection of a warehouse to an inspection of a bank which sustained harsh fires. His minute inspection and attention to details have added much value to him in his inspections and reporting, making sure that all maintenances have been made and that all safety procedures have been followed up to international standards.


-The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers

-Egyptian Maritime Society (a member of CMI)

-Licensed Registered Surveyor


– English, and Arabic

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