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Ashraf Mobarak

Ashraf joined the Eldib Survey’s Team as of October 2007.

Mobarak spent the majority of his career working as a surveyor and since 1994 has been working as a Qualified Surveyor with one of the leading marine surveyors in the country.

Prior to his work in the field of Survey, Mobarak worked as Quality Control Officer and his assorted experience assists him in the handling of a wide range of surveys handled on a day to day basis.

Ashraf specializes in cargo inspection with extensive experience in the inspection of reefer cargo which is predominantly fresh foodstuff as well. He is the expert on cargo condition, assessment of damage whether through draught or checking the local market prices, ascertaining proximate cause of damage, cargo proper lashing, container inspection, etc…

Given his long experience in the field, Ashraf has an extensive network of connections and holds good relations with other surveyors as well as local agents which the Eldib Pandi team deal with on a regular basis. Ashraf has been dubbed our teams “smooth operator.” He is quite efficient in dealing with governmental authorities as well as private commercial counterparts.


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