Crew/Non-Crew Members & Personal Injury Claims

Emergency/ 24h

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In collaboration with the ship’s agents, our team helps with arrangements regarding relevant hospitalization and/or medical assistance. Hospitalized crew members/non-crew members are visited and we ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. A full report concerning the condition of the crew member/non-crew member and the estimated medical and general repatriation costs is provided to the Club/Owner. In the unfortunate eventuality that the crew member/non-crew member is deceased, Eldib Pandi deals with all the formalities such as appointing an experienced undertaker, contacting the Consulate/Embassy, arranging an autopsy, death certificate, sealed coffin, etc. and ensures that the crew member is repatriated in a timely fashion. For all repatriations, Eldib Pandi carefully checks and, if appropriate, approves all the invoices for the repatriation costs on behalf of the Club.