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Marine & Non-Marine Services


Marine & Non-Marine Services

 Eldib Pandi is coming to celebrate 20 years of work, spanning over a variety of fields related to the maritime industry. As our team grew over the years, so did our expertise, allowing us to diversify and incorporate non-marine services for the past couple of years. We find that our team is fully geared to perform not only the assorted types of marine surveys whether related to cargo, vessels and ports and terminals damages, but as well the non-marine surveys, which we noted over the decades of our work in the survey services, may in some cases be connected to our core marine services.

 Both the Eldib Pandi correspondents and our surveying arm have had the pleasure of working with a variety of multinational companies and gaining knowledge regarding the ins and outs of non-marine industries such as warehousing codes for a transport and mailing company as well as regulations and factory standards in Free Zones. Our team have therefore acquired the knowledge needed to successfully perform non-marine surveys applying the same standards and much higher levels of minute inspections required in the marine related services.

 Applying the aforementioned standards was quite an easy task for our highly experienced team in marine services, since in case a cargo survey will require attending at the cargo owner’s warehouse, our normal marine related task would include an overview of the warehouse, its particular storage conditions, fire and theft perils. In non-marine world, these are part of the requirements related to such kind of inspections which would also involve Claims history, a more detailed overview of the nature of the premises involved, maintenance of the property, assessment of the electrical fixtures, smoking policy, Control of Contractors, Housekeeping, Storage and Usage of Combustibles / Flammables Fire and theft Alarm Systems. Risk improvement measures are also a very important part of our services. To enhance our level of knowledge in the field, we insist that our team always reviews the circulars and newsletters we regularly receive from our clients in both the marine world (P&I and law firms circulars and newsletters are distributed to our team and kept for future references) as well as the non-marine field, in addition to attending educational sessions.

 We aim to be flexible and adaptable to our clients’ specific needs and requirements, and we look forward to continue expanding our teams and scope of work over the coming years in order to always be responsive to our clients needs and next move.