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We are an independent commercially oriented firm specialized in providing P & I, Marine Survey and Marine Related Legal Services. We practice in Egypt and represent the major international P&I clubs.

Goals and Objectives

  • Providing high quality services with a commercial mentality.
  • Using our very well established network of offices in the different ports of Egypt, our relations, connections and experience to facilitate our customer services.
  • Providing immediate legal assistance as and whenever required.
  • Applying a different approach to the handling of classical and small casualties / claims and with the aim of solving all cases, in the minimum time possible and at the best obtainable terms.
  • Providing all these services at exceptionally competitive prices.

Eldib Pandi mainly focuses on maintaining the highest quality of services provided. We are  commited to render the best assistance to our clients aiming for a longstanding relationship with all our clients.

Our head office is based in Alexandria; Egypt’s main port, with three additional branches located in Port Said, Suez and Cairo respectively.

Our head office in Alexandria covers Alexandria, El Dekheila, Abu Qir and Edku Ports, while our Port Said office covers the Port Said,  and the newly established Port Said East and Damietta Ports. While our Suez office covers Suez, Adabiya, AinSukhna and other ports in the Suez area. We are currently in the process of fully installing an office in Damietta, which we find will be a booming Egyptian port in the near future. Our Cairo office covers the newly established dry ports in the city. The presence of our team in Cairo enables us with a swift attendance to all Cairo based governmental bodies such as the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA), Ministry of Transport and other ministries and government agencies located in Cairo. Furthermore, other members of our team are still able to assist the vessel/master/members at the involved ports.

These four offices provide a wide range of services through a highly professional qualified team. This team received specialized training courses locally & internationally. They are capable at handling P & I affairs (cargo loss and damage, personal injury, admiralty, pollution, stowaways, crew claims, wreck removal, damage to fixed and floating objects … etc.) also collision and grounding, general average, salvage, towage and damage / demurrage disputes.